Baja is popular with the action adventure crowd!

Off road fans flock to the yearly





                    Baja 500 and Baja 1000 Races 







Twice yearly Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Race has become a ritual.




The Newport to Ensenada International Sailing Race is a sailor’s favorite Pacific Coast race!





The Rosarito to Ensenada coastline is home to some pretty fun surf spots!  From Baja Malibu southward, let the fun begin!  Pros find extreme fun on the island of Todos Santos.

There are no shortage of thrills in Baja Norte.

For those NOT so daring, don’t fear!  

There is an adventure to tempt any age range and satisfy

the dare devil in your heart!


Here are just a sampling of things you can do in the region.

Grabbing some staples!

North Rosarito has some fabulous Mexican grocery stores and small vegetable and fruit stands. If you must shop in Walmart to feel comfortable, they have one of those too!  

You are in Mexico…explore the cuisine like a local!  

Ask questions!

Grab a local delight to enjoy with your wine country jaunt!




Organic Farmer’s Markets held weekly along the coast.  


South Rosarito to Puerto Nuevo

Every dream of riding a horse on the beach? Rent Horses

$5 – $10 per hour.

Fox Studios Baja

Famous films including Titanic, Pearl Harbor, and  many more projects were produced on their sound stages. Don’t miss this seaside attraction.  Fun for the family and film buffs in the group!




This area is rich in arts, crafts, furniture, custom rod iron shops, the fishing village of Popotla and Fox Baja Studios.

South of Puerto Nuevo


The ATV crowd love the seaside sand dunes just south of Puerto Nuevo!





The topography of the area includes palms, distant mountain ranges, blooming dessert flowers, a variety of cactus, and bouganvillea galore!




Restaurants, historically fun La Fonda and La Misión and sections of breathtakingly beautiful, rugged, untamed, coastline.

Wine country 

The Guadalupe Wine Country has been around for many years. However, an explosion of new wineries, quaint B & Bs, and restaurants have opened up in the last 10 -15 years making this wine country an exotic wine country destination that may take a few days to explore.


Award winning wines are being produced from a handful of boutique wineries dotting the area. Many years ago hundreds of Russian immigrants arrived at the area just below Monte Xanic. Strolling through the village below you can visit a museum dedicated to these immigrants and one ca see the mix of cultures in the faces of the villagers.